Auto and Home Bundle

Bundling Auto and Home Insurance Rates Side-by-Side.

You’ll need help from a licensed agent.

Let's cut to the facts about bundling auto and home insurance shopping.

    • Only some carriers have tech sophisticated enough to be in comparative raters.
    • Those that aren’t are tech savvy enough are still great carriers but an agent is the only one that can quote them.
    • Bundling is sometimes a great option but there isn’t a bundling rater that is consumer friendly that exists today.  You have to quote auto and then home.
Then, what is a consumer supposed to do?  Here is the best process
    • Step 1 – Car insurance is where most savings for the average consumer comes from, so first quote car insurance to see if you can find savings or are close to what you pay today.  Again, not all carriers allow for consumers to quote so if you don’t see a savings through the comparative raters, that doesn’t mean that one of our independent agents can’t find you savings.
    • Step 2 – If you are able to find savings or the car insurance quote is close to what you pay today, then call our call center 1-877-865-2111 (Se Habla Español) to have an agent who specializes in homeowners in your state find the best combo deal for you.
To make sure you’re getting the best price, give our independent agents a call 1-877-865-2111  Se Habla Español

Why should you bundle home and auto insurance, and what are the benefits of bundling?

    • Bundling your home and auto insurance under the same company can save you money, especially when you shop for the best rates and discounts to match your needs.
    • Before shopping for the best rates, identify the levels of coverage, options you want (minimum is what you are required to have based on the laws of your state. This usually applies to the auto portion. )
    • Bundling your auto and homeowner’s policies is cost-effective and simplifies your insurance records and management. 
    • You’ll want to verify that the insurance company has a good reputation for quality customer service and timely claims management.

What Is an Insurance Bundle?

An insurance bundle is when you buy more than one policy types through the same company. Insurance companies provide a bundle discount as an incentive to remain with them instead of spreading your policies across different companies. Policyholders can expect to save anywhere from 5-25% on their premium with a bundling discount but not always is the bundle with the same company the best price in total.

Even though a home and auto insurance bundle is the most popular combination, it’s not your only option. For example, you might bundle an auto insurance policy with a renter’s insurance policy or with motorcycle. You can even bundle three or more types of insurance, for example, auto, home, life and RV. Commonly combined policies include :

Generally, you can bundle any combination of the above, and the more policies you combine, the greater the potential savings.

Finding the Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundle

Purchasing an auto insurance and home insurance bundle has savings up to 25% on monthly premiums.

According to Liberty Mutual (one of the most well-known insurance providers in the nation) you could save $947 on your auto an home policies when combining insurance.

If your current policy does not bundle, it is probably time to look for a new policy to save money. We recommend comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers to get the best auto and home insurance bundle at the best rate.

Utilize our call center as our agents are familiar with bundling with many of the carriers and can speed up the process for you.  1-877-865-2111 (Se Habla Español)

Pros and Cons of insurance bundling

Whether you go at it alone using our comparative website or call our call center to speak with a licensed independent insurance agent, you’ll need the following to get started.

Bundling auto and home insurance has the main benefit of potentially reduced costs and less hassle. Here are a few of the advantages to combining insurance policies.

Saving Money

The biggest draw of a home and auto insurance bundle is the potential savings. The exact savings vary based on your situation, but many can expect to save up to 25% when bundling policies through the same insurance company.

Streamlining the Process

By bundling, you can save time by working with only one insurance company. Which means policies are paid once through a single website, easily viewed on one bill, etc. 

Most homeowners continue to pay their insurance bills through an escrow account tied to their mortgage lender, but can still get a discount on that homeowners premium if their auto policy is with the same insurer.

There are a a couple disadvantages to consider when bundling your insurance policies. 

Bundling Isn’t Available From Every Insurer

Some insurance companies will offer all the policies you are looking for, and some won’t. For example, some companies only offer auto insurance, and others offer several insurance types but not not all the ones you might want. Some carriers will offer a discount on a single policy if the other policies are written through the same agency. Others offer a substantial discount for bundling.

Bundling Isn’t Always the Best Deal Around

Bundling discounts aren’t always the best option for your budget. You may find better insurance rates through  working with multiple insurance providers depending on your situation.

For example, if you work from home and use public transportation frequently, and thus don’t drive often. As someone that drives less than 10,000 miles per year, you stand to unlock significant savings through a pay-per-mile insurance policy. But pay-per-mile companies don’t offer a bundling discount at this time, you might overlook these savings if you are dead set on a bundling deal.

Ultimately, you’ll need to compare your options to decide if a bundling deal is the right fit for you or let one of our licensed insurance agents help you with that 1-877-865-2111

Using insurance comparison sites like Brigade Insurance

A large benefit of using online insurance comparison sites is to avoid the painful task of going through the quoting process for many different companies and having each of them reach out to you.

Before you use other sites, definitely be careful. Many of the other and more popular sites are lead aggregators that sell your data to insurance companies who contact you directly, relentlessly in pursuit of your business.

Brigade Insurance is not a lead aggregator but a marketplace with partnerships that make quoting and buying insurance easy. We are effectively a 50 state independent agency with access to over 50 carriers to server your needs. By working with us, you avoid spam emails, texts and phone calls, from many sources and instead receive support to help you along your shopping and buying experience. What can we say, we are just nice people. As a nationwide (50 states) Independent agency, we are licensed and authorized to write policies for multiple insurance companies.

With our comparison tool can you fill out 1 quote form to get multiple quotes — Our team of 200+ independent insurance agents in our USA based call center partner with over 50 partnerships across the US.

Together, we can help you compare options for balancing price and how much car insurance coverage you want..

Brigade Insurance isn't like the rest

Brigade Insurance does not partner with any lead generators. We never sell your information.

We earn money by helping you get insured.

You can start the process online or reach out by phone 1-877-865-2111 (Se Habla Español) to speak to one of our licensed agents as our in-house agency is licensed to write policies for many of the top insurance companies.