Arkay has the best Auto Warranty available anywhere.

There are plenty of below average warranties out there that are cheap but don’t actually cover anything. Rather than try to understand all the fine print in every companies contract, just focus on the fact that we have the best coverage available and best claims process in the industry.

We have the best coverage available, unlimited term, unlimited mileage, no long-term contracts, and low monthly payments.


How does Arkay compare to the competition?

  • Arkay Auto Warranty offers the best coverages in the industry on every vehicle and cover vehicles up to 12 years old and under 200,000 miles at time of sale. Every warranty features our Paid-Claim Guarantee.
  • The competition – They have average coverage available on most vehicles and only offer good coverage on newer models. Many don’t even offer warranties at all on vehicles with over 100,000 miles.
  • Arkay Auto Warranty has the most competitive monthly pricing in the industry. Average pricing is $80-$90 per month and every Asian and Domestic vehicle has coverage available for under $100 per month.
  • The competition – Average pricing at dealerships is $110-$120 a month. Average pricing for direct-to-consumer warranties are $130-$150 a month. Certain vehicles and trim levels are significantly higher.
Mileage Limits
  • Arkay Auto Warranty – Every warranty lets the client drive unlimited mileage.
  • The competition – Varies, but most commonly limits coverage to 12,000 miles per year.
Term Limits
  • Arkay Auto Warranty – Every warranty can be kept as long as you want and the coverage will never go down. Even if you decide to keep it for 20 years!
  • The competition – Varies, but most commonly limits coverage to 3-4 years from the date of purchase and the client has no option to continue coverage after that.
When does coverage start
  • Arkay Auto Warranty – Coverage starts immediately on day 1 / mile 1.
  • The competition – Most have a 30-60 day and 1,000 – 2,000 mile waiting period before a claim can be filed. Any claim filed before then is automatically denied and cannot be refiled.
Claims Process
  • Arkay Auto Warranty has the easiest claims process in the industry. They pay the shop directly as soon as the work is done and pays them at their posted labor rate and pay MSRP for parts.
  • The competition – Many require the client pay for the work upfront and then submit for reimbursement from the warranty company. Most only pay a specific amount per hour for labor and only pay a percentage of MSRP for parts. The client is expected to come up with the difference out-of-pocket.
Where can the client go for service
  • Arkay Auto Warranty – Any dealership or repair facility in the USA – it’s your choice.
  • The competition – Dealerships normally require that the vehicle is serviced at only their dealership. Direct-to-consumer warranties normally have a list of approved service centers where the client can go for service.
Specialty Vehicles / Situations
  • Arkay Auto Warranty covers RV’s, rideshare (Uber/Lyft/etc), and virtually every specialty trim level / vehicle (Mercedes AMG, BMW M-series, Audi S-Line, Mopar SRT, Corvettes, etc)
  • The competition – Most do not cover ANY specialty vehicles / situations and those that do only offer very limited coverage.
  • Arkay Auto Warranty warranties are all month-to-month so you can keep it as long as you want and cancel at anytime with nothing additional owed.
  • The competition – Locks the client into paying for a contract for 36 months. If the clients tries to cancel before the end of the contract they may still owe more money if they have ever filed a claim.
  • Arkay Auto Warranty – Every Auto Warranty also gets complementary roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption, and more.
  • The competition – Typically charges extra for these services or offers very limited benefits.
The choice is obvious. Arkay beats the competition at everything (and they should – Arkay studied them when designing our warranty and made sure that Arkay’s is the best!)

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