Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance that puts you in control.

Let's cut to the facts about small business insurance shopping.

A comparative rater to do multiple quotes at the same time for small business insurance doesn’t exist at this time.  So we have 2 great options for you.

Option 1. If your business is pretty straightforward from a risk perspective and you only need a BOP, GL, PL, or Commercial Property Policy, you can probably use one of our great options like Coterie or Next to get a great rate and buy online in minutes without using an agent.

Option 2. If your business is more complex from a risk perspective such as you need a Workers Compensation policy or you have drivers and thus need Commercial Auto insurance, it is best to work with a commercial insurance specialist and luckily we have those for you.  Just set up an appointment with one of our specialists with a time that works for you.

Why would you use Coterie vs. Next

  • Both Coterie and Next are great companies.
  • Since both Coterie and Next have really fast quoting and buying experiences, you should be able to quote coverage in under 5 min each.  That’s 2 quotes in less than 10 minutes and buying is just as fast.
  • But, each company has a specific list of businesses that are in their appetite from a risk perspective.  If not in their appetite they might not provide a rate at all or not a competitive rate.  Again, it takes less than 2 min to see if they offer a price so what do you have to lose?

Next was nice enough to provide their top business list. For these professions, Next wins often.

What small business insurance do I need?

If you already have business insurance, that makes it easy to do an apples to apples comparison to see if you can save $.

Commercial insurance is more complicated than personal insurance in many ways.  If you are unsure of what you need, we suggest that you set up an appointment with one of our specialists with a time that works for you.

Using insurance comparison sites like Brigade Insurance

Before you use other sites, definitely be careful. Many of the other and more popular sites are lead aggregators that sell your data to insurance companies who contact you directly, relentlessly in pursuit of your business.

Brigade Insurance is not a lead aggregator but a marketplace with partnerships that make quoting and buying insurance easy. We are effectively a 50 state independent agency with access to over 50 carriers to server your needs. By working with us, you avoid spam emails, texts and phone calls, from many sources and instead receive support to help you along your shopping and buying experience. What can we say, we are just nice people. As a nationwide (50 states) Independent agency, we are licensed and authorized to write policies for multiple insurance companies.

Our team of 200+ independent insurance agents in our USA based call center partner with over 50 partnerships across the US.

Together, we can help you compare options for balancing price and how much insurance coverage you want..

Brigade Insurance isn't like the rest

Brigade Insurance does not partner with any lead generators. We never sell your information.

We earn money by helping you get insured.

You can start the process online or reach out by phone 1-877-865-2111 to speak to one of our licensed agents as our in-house agency is licensed to write policies for many of the top insurance companies.