Compare Car Insurance Rates Side-by-Side plus the help of licensed agents if you need them.

Why car insurance comparison shopping is so important

What vehicle you drive, your driving record, where you live and more are major factors in carrier’s ratings for car insurance.  As those things change, you could fall into a different rating tier which could be lower rates.

Carriers are changing their pricing all the time either trying to reduce price compared to the competition to gain market share or increasing price for the cost of doing business such as inflation and claims volumes.

Only by quoting your insurance will you know if you are still getting the best price.  

Comparing Car Insurance Prices

Key takeaways to get you started

What is the process for comparing Car Insurance?

Whether you go at it alone using our comparative website or call our call center to speak with a licensed independent insurance agent, you’ll need the following to get started.

Our tech can pull lots of public information to speed up the process of quoting.  All you need is your name and contact info.

Our tech can pull VIN number for your vehicles if you have owned then for at least a couple of months.  Any new vehicles we need the basic info like year, make, and model.

Estimate of how long you’ve been insured and how long you’ve been with your current insurance carrier.

To get an accurate insurance quote, you’ll need to provide violation and accident history for the last 5 years.  Yes, even the accidents where you weren’t at fault are needed.

Using insurance comparison sites like Brigade Insurance

A large benefit of using online insurance comparison sites is to avoid the painful task of going through the quoting process for many different companies and having each of them reach out to you.

Before you use other sites, definitely be careful. Many of the other and more popular sites are lead aggregators that sell your data to insurance companies who contact you directly, relentlessly in pursuit of your business.

Brigade Insurance is not a lead aggregator but a marketplace with partnerships that make quoting and buying insurance easy. We are effectively a 50 state independent agency with access to over 50 carriers to server your needs. By working with us, you avoid spam emails, texts and phone calls, from many sources and instead receive support to help you along your shopping and buying experience. What can we say, we are just nice people. As a nationwide (50 states) Independent agency, we are licensed and authorized to write policies for multiple insurance companies.

With our comparison tool can you fill out 1 quote form to get multiple quotes — Our team of 200+ independent insurance agents in our USA based call center partner with over 50 partnerships across the US.

Together, we can help you compare options for balancing price and how much car insurance coverage you want..

Brigade Insurance isn't like the rest

Brigade Insurance does not partner with any lead generators. We never sell your information.

We earn money by helping you get insured.

You can start shopping for Auto Insurance online or reach out by phone 1-877-865-2111 (Se Habla Español) to speak to one of our licensed agents as our in-house agency is licensed to write policies for many of the top insurance companies.